We offer business analytics and consulting services to help you interpret your data and develop actionable insights. By integrating, visualising, and analysing your data, we help you to quickly understand performance drivers, test hypothesis, and model scenarios and simulations. With over 25-years of consulting experience, we are able to provide guidance and practical recommendations to improve performance. 


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Analytics to understand current performance, quantify improvement potential, and develop actionable insights. Internal benchmarking can be used to establish baseline performance, identify improvement opportunities, and set performance targets. Internal benchmarks can also be used to support organisational learning by uncovering best-practices and prioritising problem-solving efforts. Using secondary research, we can also develop competitive benchmarks to help you understand industry standards, identify performance gaps, and set your improvement direction. We can analyse your data remotely from our installed solutions or by creating a virtual data room to consolidate and visualise existing data from multiple sources.


Consulting to optimise your business processes to improve workflow efficiency and decision-making effectiveness. Using value-stream and process mapping techniques, we establish a common understanding of how work actually gets done and decisions are made, we build consensus around which process-steps need to be standardised, and then clarify and simplify each process step. Based on our practical experience, we can help optimise your operating model by identifying key performance indicators and critical-to-quality measures. We work with your team through a series of hands-on working sessions which can be delivered both on-site and using online collaboration tools.


Solutions to improve efficiency and productivity by digitalising core business processes. Using both industry standard and our own custom APIs, we can consolidate data from multiple applications and sources into a single data model in Power BI, minimising the potential for manual errors, and significantly reducing the time and effort required to analyse and report KPIs. Leveraging Microsoft’s Power Apps, we can automate tasks such as data collection, approval signoffs, and email notifications for processes such as sales pipeline management and project quality. We develop digital solutions remotely and can also provide implementation training and support remotely or on-site.


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