A selection of departmental solutions for a global manufacturing organisation ranging from manufacturing and supplier performance management to complex multi-year engineering investment modelling. 

Our client is an international medical technology company that utilises highly automated precision manufacturing processes.


As part of a consulting engagement we developed a data-room integrating data from multiple supply chain and manufacturing systems to improve real-time visibility of performance, manufacturing characteristics and capacity.

Working with the global engineering, supply chain and manufacturing teams we developed production analytics solutions which were deployed in their self-service Power BI environment.

We also developed a manufacturing decision model to support rapid 'what-if' modelling of manufacturing scenarios, trade-offs and key performance indicators over the total life-cycle of each product.



  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Custom In-House Apps

  • Machine Level System

Value-Stream Performance

At-a-glance view of value-stream and machine volume, performance, quality and availability (OEE).

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Value-Stream Performance

Capacity Management

Actual vs. gross available capacity to  identify performance shortfalls and capacity constraints.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Capacity Management

Drill-down & Analytics

Exploring specific products or individual machines to provide a more detailed view of performance and improvement opportunities.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Drill-Down & Analytics

'What-If' Scenarios

On-the-fly scenario planning to see how much capacity can be freed up by improvement key performance parameters.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: What-if Scenarios

Supplier Performance

Extending in-house value-stream management capabilities to 3rd-party contract manufacturers with supplier data integration.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Supplier Performance

Improvement Monitoring

Monitoring actual performance vs. improvement targets to quickly identify gaps requiring attention.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Improvement Modelling

Engineering Modelling

Creating multiple manufacturing scenarios in a simple way with the complex calculations taking place behind the scenes.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Engineering Modelling

Decision Support

A summary of ROI, key financial and operational metrics to provide easy to understand and consistent input for critical decision making.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Decision Support


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