• Jonny Gray

Return On Business Development Efforts

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Are you putting your business development efforts in the right place? Does increased effort on proposals and tenders yield more profitable projects? We've added new content to our Sales module in our Power BI for Synergy solution.

The change in market conditions has in many cases decreased the overall volume of opportunities which in turn has increased competitiveness. Some sectors are somewhat static so many clients are looking to new sectors for growth. Without good visibility of both the volume of and the success of business development activities it is difficult to manage a shift in strategy, and learnings are often based on anecdotal evidence from individual events rather than facts derived total business efforts.

Our Sales Module has always provided visibility on where business development time has been spent and our Projects module has given you visibility of project profitability. We have now developed additional content to bring information from these two modules together. Now we can give you additional insight into sales time and costs per project type (&/or segment, sector or however else you have defined your market), to individual project and the project margin with or without business development costs.

Whether you use Synergy alone to manage your opportunities and proposals or you combine Synergy with an additional CRM system we can help your visualise and analyse the return on your business development efforts through Power BI reporting and analytics.

If you would like to know more contact Jonny Gray at jonny@s2ranalytics.com or call S2R Analytics on +44 (0) 203 884 5151.