• Jonny Gray

Business Performance 'At A Glance'

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Can you understand how your core business is performing by looking at a single page of information? Do you have predictability of next quarter's, or even next month's performance? We've combined the business performance and revenue forecasting information in our Business module to create a new dashboard with simple visuals to help answer these complex questions.

As is often the case, we get an interesting challenge from a client that leads - at first a fair amount of head scratching - and then a really great solution that makes all the effort worthwhile. Our Business module already gives us a clear understanding of historic revenue performance vs. budgets and forecasts. We had also recently refined our revenue forecasting functions that use the underlying stage data and some nifty maths to give you the best possible view of projected future revenue.

Our challenge was to combine this and a view of WIP and Debtors into a handful of simple visuals on a single page as the primary dashboard for the board of directors.

With the help of some sketches from the client we were able to create two pages for the board. The first (below) combines all the key financial information in 4 visuals. The client version of this page also allows them to slice this information by discipline. This 'financials' page is supported by a second 'supplementary' page giving additional info on new projects started, and utilisation, average rates & revenue by FTE.

We were both really pleased with the result and we have now included this in our 'out-of-the-box' practice management solution as an additional component to our Business module.

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