• Jonny Gray

Daily Business Snapshot

Are you accumulating enough billable work this month? What WIP do you have in the bank to fill any gaps? Are your team's timesheets up to date so these figures are reliable and accurate? And ultimately, are you billing that work in time to meet your monthly budget? Important questions that led to this week's feature update.

Our KPIs and Business Module already allow you to see your monthly worked and invoiced revenue grow as you progress through the month. A new request from one of our latest clients was to provide a more granular view of this progress. A day-by-day view of accumulated business performance to make it easy to answer the above questions. This Daily Business Snapshot is distributed daily to the team to help secure their contribution to the overall business targets and where required, get an early warning of any potential risks so action can be taken while there is still time to make an impact.

No doubt you all have some issues with team members not completing their timesheets on time by the end of the week, let alone at the end of each day. Often this is because people don't realise the importance of doing it and how it is used on a day-to-day basis. This Daily Business Snapshot gives it clear purpose and can help provide the nudge required to get those timesheets in on-time!

This is a relatively simple addition to our 'out of the box' Power BI for Synergy solution but provides real business value. We have already implemented this new feature into an existing clients solution. That's one of the reasons we provide these feature updates. We're always adding to our solution and this is the easiest way for us to share what's new and give you the chance to also incorporate the functionality into your solutions.

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