• Jonny Gray

Organisational Health: Work Diversity

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Is work diversity important to your teams? Is it a contributing factor to your organisational health? We've introduced some new measures for the Analytics module in our Power BI for Synergy solution to help you measure it.

This came about from a conversation with one of our clients who is in the middle of developing their new people strategy. The answer to the first question for them was "in some cases, yes". In reality some people are looking to get a broad work experience and others want to focus on developing their specialism. Commonly it is the more junior staff who want the former and for those who are more mature in their career development want the focus.

So for this client the answer to the second question is "yes". Based on the desires of the individual and of the course, the needs of the business, they are able to define the goal for work diversity for that individual &/or a given cohort of the organisation.

The measures we have developed allow you to quickly see the level of work diversity, e.g. how many different segments, sectors or service areas have they worked in? How much time have they spent with project leaders whose specialism matches theirs? Have they had the opportunity to work on the 'key target areas' for the business or 'strategic clients'? Have they worked on a mixture of small and larger projects?

To aggregate this information we were able to create a diversity score based on the above questions. Which is good for understanding trends for a given cohort. For an individual the detailed information can be used by team leaders to help their team members navigate to the right projects to meet their goals.

The Power BI solution we deployed for this client combines data from Bamboo HR and Synergy (as well as their CRM and finance systems). Because this data is integrated we've been able to develop a comprehensive suite reports and analytics to support their people strategy and measure organisational health.

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