• Jonny Gray

Present, Future and now Past

Our Power BI for Synergy solution provides you a clear picture of your present situation, your historic work-done, associated revenue and won or unsuccessful proposals and projects. It also allows you to forecast into the future and predict future revenue positions. But what if you wanted to know your debtors position or your level of WIP, or how much residual project fee you had in past months?

It's been a few weeks since we last posted a feature update. We've been heads down simultaneously deploying multiple Power BI for Synergy solutions for new clients. This doesn't mean we haven't been adding new features into the solution.

One of these new clients asked if we could add some additional functionality into the solution to allow us to dynamically calculate historical perspectives on key business metrics, namely WIP, Debtors and Project Residuals. Previously these have been point-in-time metrics in our solution with the exception of our more bespoke deployments with separate back-end databases where we have captured snapshots of key data to create these views. Now, we can now provide a month-by-month (or indeed week-by-week) view of these key business metrics as part of our standard solution.

These enhanced features provide additional insight into how your business is performing e.g. "Are we actually growing our back-log of work or just burning old WIP to achieve our revenue targets?".

We will continue to build on these features to incorporate additional characteristics such as 'aging' at that given point in time but we can already see that this additional management information is capable of supporting better and more informed business decisions.

If you would like to know more contact Jonny Gray at jonny@s2ranalytics.com or call S2R Analytics on +44 (0) 203 884 5151.