Supporting Strategic Planning with Power BI for Synergy
We spoke with Andrew Holmes, Business Development
Manager for Extent Heritage

"S2R's knowledge of both Power BI and Synergy means that, when we ask a question, we know they understand it."


The Brief

Extent Heritage provides heritage assessment and management services across all corners of Australia and the Asia-Pacific. With a focus on investigating, interpreting, and advising on all aspects of cultural heritage projects and planning compliance, their specialist services range from indigenous cultural values, historical archaeology, and built heritage to geospatial mapping and digital heritage.


They’ve worked on projects such as Western Sydney Aerotropolis Precinct Planning (NSW), Fremantle Prison Conservation and Archaeology Management Plan (QLD), and Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Program (VIC).  


Extent Heritage turned to us to help unlock the breadth and depth of their Synergy data and to enhance their graphical reporting capabilities with Power BI.


"Power BI for Synergy presents data in a clear and interpretative manner which is very powerful. It has given us the right medium to easily interrogate our data."

The Delivery

Before committing to implementing Power BI for Synergy we built a rapid prototype for the Extent Heritage team using their live Synergy data to demonstrate what the solution is capable of and the value it provides.


The initial deployment included a suite of dashboards and reports for the Directors. We continued working at pace so that the team could quickly demonstrate the benefits of the investment.


After allowing the first phase to bed in for a few weeks we turned our attention to a new App for the Team Leaders. Using row-level security we were able to provide a tailored view of the Synergy data highlighting information specific to their projects and teams.


The next step was to overcome some of the challenges the business development team faced with reporting on sales outcomes, specifically how to effectively report wins and losses of an initial project and its subsequent stages and variations. We developed new logic in Power BI to match existing business rules the team used to set up and manage projects. After a couple of iterations, we were able to provide both the aggregate and drill-down information needed to properly support their business development processes.

"S2R shows interest in the products they develop and there's passion in what they do. There's a strong human element in our relationship and that dynamic builds confidence and team spirit."

The Result

"The breadth and depth of reported data that we're able to get out of Power BI has exceeded what we thought we could get."


Extent Heritage now has the information they need to support effective business decision making, and strategic planning. We're delighted to have helped them overcome previous reporting challenges and provide insight and new ideas into how best to use the information they have. 


Power BI for Synergy has enabled Extent Heritage to realise the full value of the information that Synergy can provide. The content developed with Extent Heritage on business development reporting is now part of our standard solution.

"A lot of our financial research for business development comes out of our Power BI reports which shows the level of application and confidence we have in the system."

What’s Next?


Power BI for Synergy is supporting Extent Heritage's strategic business development plans over the next 3 years, and also the overarching strategic goals of the company in guiding decisions around new products and market opportunities. 


As their plans develop, and the more they use Power BI for Synergy, we anticipate new ideas will be generated and we will be pleased to support the team in bringing them to life.