We have already made some of our own Power BI reports. Do we need to start over?

No, in most circumstances we can connect your existing reports to the new Power BI for Synergy data model.

Can we integrate other applications into the solution?

Yes, we have integrated many popular applications with Power BI. This will be in addition to the fixed price package costs.

We have very specific reporting requirements in our business. Can these be incorporated?

Yes, if you choose the flexible or enterprise package we can incorporate custom reports into the solution.

What technology do I need to implement Power BI for Synergy?

If you are using Office 365 all you need to do is add Power BI Pro licenses for each user that wants to access the solution.

We have only recently started using Synergy, can we incorporate our historic data?

Yes, we can add in historic data at a reasonable level of granularity e.g. invoiced revenue by office, cost centre & discipline.

Packages & Pricing

Are there any additional costs associated with deploying Power BI for Synergy?

You just need to pay for Power BI Pro licenses for each user that wants to access the solution.

How do you come to your fixed price package fees?

We charge a standard work-day rate of GBP700/AUD1,400 and the fixed price package is based on the average work-days required to configure, customise and deploy the package.

What is included in the maintenance and support fees?

We will proactively manage the solution and handle configuration changes driven by your Synergy usage. We also include a set amount of hours of change requests for each package.

If we spread the one-off cost over 6 months when do we have to start paying the maintenance and support fees?

You will start paying the maintenance and support fees at month 7.

About Us

What is your experience with project-based businesses?

Our founder has had both operational and leadership roles in management consultancy and technology consultancy organisations which are project-based. We have also now delivered multiple Power BI for Synergy deployments in the AEC sector.

How did you start working with Total Synergy and their customers?

We originally came across Total Synergy whilst delivering a multi-application Power BI solution for Ethos Urban. This engagement led us to work with Total Synergy to further develop their APIs to provide the capability for extensive Power BI reporting.

What kind of organisations have you deployed Power BI for Synergy for?

We have worked with structural and consulting engineers, urban planning consultancies, chartered surveyors and a heritage and archaeological consultancy.