We have invested in building a proven and scalable solution so you don't have to.

"We didn't fully realise the potential of Power BI for Synergy until we had it."

We do not charge you for the solution itself. Just the time it takes to configure, customise and deploy it into your organisation.

Our fixed price packages provide predictable one-off costs which you can spread over 6 months.

Our maintenance and support packages mean that you don't need any in-house capabilities. We'll look after everything for you.


If you want to get started with Power BI and want a solution to grow with your business, this packages gives you the essentials and an easy upgrade path to the flexible and enterprise packages.



Suitable for businesses of all sizes and our most popular package. You can deploy any of the modules and reports to different teams in your organisation and incorporate content specific to your business needs.



Our enterprise package gives you the freedom to deploy a solution with all the content you want into any organisation of any complexity. We will also train and support your super users.


Solution & Deployment                

Modules & Reports     

Maintenance & Support                

FAQs | Packages & Pricing

How do you come to your fixed price package fees?

We charge a standard work-day rate of GBP700/AUD1,400 and the fixed price package is based on the average work-days required to configure, customise and deploy the package.

What is included in the maintenance and support fees?

We will proactively manage the solution and handle configuration changes driven by your Synergy usage. We also include a set amount of hours of change requests for each package.

If we spread the one-off cost over 6 months when do we have to start paying the maintenance and support fees?

You will start paying the maintenance and support fees at month 7.

Are there any additional costs associated with deploying Power BI for Synergy?

You just need to pay for Power BI Pro licenses for each user that wants to access the solution.