Power BI for Synergy provides dashboards, reports and analytics for all your teams.

We'll work with you to customise the content to meet your business needs.

If you have specific reporting requirements we can build them for you as part of our fixed price packages.

"Seeing our data come alive in Power BI for Synergy was a wow moment for us!" 



Make informed decisions with near real-time access to your business performance.

Power BI Interactive - Executive


Close more deals with full pipeline visibility, sales productivity and success rates.

Power BI Interactive - Sales


Increase project efficiency with detailed project summaries at your fingertips.

Power BI Interactive - Delivery


Protect your bottom line with key financial metrics and on-the-fly analysis.

Power BI Interactive - Finance


Improve productivity with insight into resource allocation, utilisation and capacity.

Power BI Interactive - People

FAQs | Solution

We have already made some of our own Power BI reports. Do we need to start over?

No, in most circumstances we can connect your existing reports to the new Power BI for Synergy data model.

We have only recently started using Synergy, can we incorporate our historic data?

Yes, we can add in historic data at a reasonable level of granularity e.g. invoiced revenue by office, cost centre & discipline.

We have very specific reporting requirements in our business. Can these be incorporated?

Yes, if you choose the flexible or enterprise package we can incorporate custom reports into the solution.

What technology do I need in place to deploy Power BI for Synergy?

If you are using Office 365 all you need to do is add Power BI Pro licenses for each user that wants to access the solution.

Can we integrate other applications into the solution?

Yes, we have integrated many popular applications with Power BI. This will be in addition to the fixed price package costs.