Empowered teams and improved decision making through the integration of multiple cloud-based applications into a comprehensive suite of dashboards, reports and analytics used by people at all levels of the organisation.

Our client is a leading professional-services provider in Asia-Pacific with ambitious growth plans. To unlock the potential from recent mergers, they needed to increase the autonomy of teams and individuals by decentralising decision-making and making business information more accessible and usable for everyone.


Confronted with a patchwork of IT systems that were unable to provide a quick and easy understanding of real-time performance, or support analysis and provide insights to guide improvement efforts, they embarked on a digital transformation with our support.



  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Total Synergy

  • Bamboo HR

  • Tiny+ CRM

  • Xero Finance

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Power Platform

  • Microsoft Azure

My & Team Dashboards

Custom dashboards for teams and individuals bringing together the most critical information from multiple applications in one place.

Practice Management: My & Team Dashboards

Executive Dashboard

CEO and Shareholder Dashboards offer a high-level perspective on business performance with executive level business metrics.

Practice Management: Executive Dashboard

Business Performance

Key business metrics including worked revenue and billable hours compared to budget and forecast tracking weekly and monthly.

Practice Management: Business Performance

Project Management

Project progress, health and financials provide regional directors and project owners a simple way to understand performance and risk.

Practice Management: Project Management

Sales Forecasting

Combined forecast from both CRM and Practice Management systems with weekly pipeline snapshots to understand movements.

Practice Management: Sales Forecasting

Sales Management

Sales KPIs include sales time spent, pipeline health, and conversion rates, give an end-to-end perspective of sales performance.

Practice Management: Management

Resource Planning

Combining CRM, Practice Management and HR systems to provide a view of demand vs. capacity with 'what-if' scenario planning.

Practice Management: Resource Planning

Time & Utilisation

Billable hours to target per role adjusted for leave and FTE, with heatmaps and analysis to understand where time is spent.

Practice Management: Time & Utilisation

Workflow Automation

Automation workflows for expenses, write-off approvals and timesheet compliance with emails generated to drive compliance.

Practice Management: Workflow Automation

Data Quality

Dashboards highlighting gaps and inconsistencies make it easy to manage and resolve data quality issues.

Practice Management: Data Quality


S2R Analytics is a trading name of Strategy2Results LLP


Practice Management: Workflow Automation