A demonstration of what can be achieved with a more low-tech solution where high security standards restrict the use of cloud-based infrastructure. 


See also the Practice Management case study for integrated sales management.

Sales & Marketing | Case Study | S2R Analytics

Our client is a leading supplier of products for the space industry in Europe and the United States. We worked with Marketing & Sales to develop a Sales Pipeline Management process and simple Customer Relationship Management tools.


Strict security protocols meant that cloud-based applications were not permitted. Leveraging existing technologies, we built a CRM application to consolidate, standardise and visualise data from multiple data sources and provide easy-to-use reports and scenario planning tools.



  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

Robust Data Entry

Using custom forms and macros to ensure that data entry is complete, validated and user friendly.

Data Entry | Sales & Marketing | Case Study | S2R Analytics

Management Dashboards

Dashboards which summarise the pipeline information without the need for manual intervention.

Dashboard | Sales & Marketing | Case Study | S2R Analytics

Pipeline Analysis

Built-in analytics provide all the views needed to manage pipeline performance and present to management.

Sales & Marketing: Pipeline Analysis

Scenario Modelling

Static sales pipeline infomation transformed into multiple scenarios to aid decision making.

Scenario Modelling | Sales & Marketing | Case Study | S2R Analytics

Ad-hoc Analytics

Power BI desktop provides comprehensive ad-hoc reporting capabilities for specific users.

Ad-hoc Analytics | Sales & Marketing | Case Study | S2R Analytics


Import, export, consolidation and issue resolution routines turn Excel into a fully distributed solution.

Automation | Sales & Marketing | Case Study | S2R Analytics