Power BI for 





We have included some of the content from each of our core modules for you to explore and interact with.

Click on the 'View Interactive Content' yellow button on any of the screens and the interactive version will load. You can go back and forward through the including content with the left and right arrows at the bottom.

We recommend going full-screen by clicking the double ended arrow in the bottom-right corner then once opened click on it and it will come alive. You can make any individual visual full-screen by clicking 'focus-mode' which appears when you hover over or click a visual.

It will take more than a few bullets points to explain all the capabilities of Power BI but you should try the following:

  • If you see any data selectors or other slicers in the footer of each screen click them to filter the results.

  • On graphs or tables click either the label or the bar/line/cell to see how the other visuals react.

  • Holding control whilst clicking allows you to select multiple options.

  • If you see 'or' or 'by period' in any of the visual titles use the drill functions, single arrow to go up and double arrow to go down through the hierarchies.

  • Right click on a project number and drill-through for additional details.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from all modules providing an at-a-glance comparison of performance, target attainment, and variances.

Click on a month to see the scorecard for that period. Imagine trying to do that in Excel...


Visibility of business performance versus budget, forecast and projected revenue combining active projects and sales pipeline opportunities.

Try page 2 and 5, click on the graphs and see the table filter directly to the associated projects.


Invoices, Work In Progress, Debtors,
and Write-off reporting and analytics; with ability to drill into specific clients, projects and project owners. 

These pages behave similarly. Try clicking on a name or an aging category.  Use the hierarchy in the chart when you see 'or' in the title.


Easy access to critical project information to help project owners manage the financial and delivery health of their projects.

This module is great for exploring drill-through capabilities. Right click on a project number and choose which page to drill-through to for more detailed information.


Sales productivity and pipeline management, wins and losses analytics, and revenue forecasting based on sales opportunities.

There's a lot to play with here. Try going to Ongoing Projects, selecting Next Month and Denise Peters to drill-down into the specific proposal.


Headcount and utilisation analytics giving a simple way to understand where people spend their time.

Work the matrix by clicking on names or dates or drill into individual timesheets. 


Capacity versus projected revenue and historic and future analytics on resourced versus actual time.

Explore the slicers in the footers in resourcing and see how easy to switch between weighted vs. unweighted forecasts in the rough cut capacity plan.