Power BI for 


Synergy combines planning, management, collaboration and accounting tools — specific to architecture, engineering and construction organisations.

S2R Analytics provide a Microsoft Power BI Reporting & Analytics solution built around Synergy to make your Synergy data come alive.


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Power BI is a marketing leading Business Intelligence & Analytics platform. It not only provides great visualisation capabilities it is fully interactive, allowing you to slice and drill-down into your information on-the-fly.

We have worked with Synergy and their customers for over 2 years and have invested in building our 'base' solution which allows us to deliver cost-effective and rapid deployments to organisations of all sizes. We do not charge for our product, just the time it takes to configure and deploy it into your organisation.


If you are an Office 365 user all you need to do is add the relevant Power BI Pro licenses and you have everything you need for us to deploy the solution in your technology environment.


In addition to the Power BI solution we have developed Synergy specific middleware and APIs allowing us to go beyond the capabilities of the standard Power BI integration provided by Synergy. For example, your solution will always have a full history of everything in Synergy through our archiving capabilities. We can provide incremental refresh of your big datasets (e.g. transactions) and our APIs can get information out of Synergy which isn't easily accessible to Power BI through the existing set of APIs.

We can deploy different content to different teams through Apps and use row-level security to either restrict the level of information available to each team or individual, or simply remove the noise and instantly give them a view of only the opportunities, projects and team members relevant to them.

We will maintain your solution once deployed, and integrate new content or changes as and when your needs change. Each of our ongoing support packages includes a level of change requests at no additional cost.

Our goal is to make the process simple and enjoyable. We have both business and technology experience and can help you think through and work out the best way to display and deploy information to your organisation to support your business strategy and the needs of your teams.


We provide more than just a technology solution!



  • Fixed Price Deployment Packages

  • Flexible Commercial & Deployment Options

  • Customisation & Bespoke Development

  • Integration & Automation

  • Synergy Specific S2R Middleware & APIs

  • Training (Video, Virtual, or Face to Face)

  • Ongoing Support Packages

  • Consulting & Change Management Support


If you want to see the solution come to life we can provide a branded demo with your data direct from your Synergy subscription as a initial step without cost or commitment.

You can have a play with an interactive version of some of the content from our base solution to get a feel for the content and interactivity by clicking the button below.

If you would like to get more hands-on with the full solution complete the form below and you will be sent login details within 24 hours providing access to the solution in our Power BI environment.

Thank you! Your login details will be with you shortly.

Some of our fantastic clients...

Team Dashboards

Executive & team level reporting combining key information from multiple modules into an aggregated view of performance.

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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from all modules providing an at-a-glance comparison of performance, target attainment, and variances.

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Visibility of business performance versus budget, forecast and projected revenue combining active projects and sales pipeline opportunities.



Invoices, Work In Progress, Debtors,
and Write-off reporting and analytics; with ability to drill into specific clients, projects and project owners. 



Easy access to critical project information to help project owners manage the financial and delivery health of their projects.



Sales productivity and pipeline management, wins and losses analytics, and revenue forecasting based on sales opportunities.



Headcount and utilisation analytics giving a simple way to understand where people spend their time.



Capacity versus projected revenue and historic and future analytics on resourced versus actual time.